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Cloth diapering around the house is one thing- you have access to a sink, washer, and dryer at all times. But can you travel using cloth diapers? Just out for the afternoon or perhaps go on a road trip?

Our family cloth diapers 24/7, even when we go out for the afternoon. Recently though, we went on an extensive road trip, so I had to lay out my options. Was this do-able? Could I take cloth on the road for 5 plus hours? If I did…what if he pooped in the car?

Here are some tips to remember when dealing with cloth on short and long-distance trips:

For the short car ride

  • Know your baby’s “poopy” schedule. My baby is pretty regular on his #2’s, so I will typically work around that so I don’t have to deal with poop while we are out.
  • Pack a wet bag and paper towels/napkins/wet ones (for on the go only). If your baby does poop on the road, and you don’t have private access to a sink, use the paper towels to dispose the poop in an outdoor trashcan or flush down a toilet (don’t flush if using wipes). Keep your soiled diapers in the wet bag and rinse as soon as you get home.
  • Double up your diapers. To prevent leaks, double up your diapers with liners! It will buy you some time between changes.

For the long distance trip

  • Strip your diapers before the trip. This will remove any buildup and prevent rashes and/or odor. For a cheap and easy way to strip your diapers, click here.
  • Over pack on diapers and bring a large wet bag. Be prepared for more changes- your baby will be in a car seat and may get uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time. Pack your softest liners, covers, and large wet bag. Prepare for accidents!
  • Change your baby frequently. Keep your baby fresh by taking frequent stops. This gives them a break, plus prevents your diapers from becoming overloaded with urine (rash prevention!).
  • Make sure you have some where to wash your diapers at your final destination. If staying with family or friends, ask permission to use their washer and dryer. If staying in a hotel, make sure to get a washer/dryer in the room! Wash your car load as soon as you’re settled to prevent smells and buildup!

Worst case scenario

If you cannot find a hotel with a washer/dryer combo, you may be faced with using disposable diapers. We had to make this decision when we went out of town, because we could not find a hotel that would suit all of our needs. So we chose to do half and half.

For the car ride and daytime use, we relied on Andy Pandy Bamboo Disposable Diapers.After MANY searches on chemical free, Eco-friendly, biodegradable diapers, this was the best (and most affordable) option. The package says its 100% bio-degradable, is free from chlorine, latex, and phthalates. While I won’t be using disposable diapers in our day to day, the Andy Pandy diapers were good to use in a pinch.

Pros: comfy for baby, no gel, and held up well with #1’s and most #2’s.

Cons: leaked on two occasions.

Overall the pros outweighed the cons for us. Our solution to prevent poop leaks in the car was to use a cloth diaper cover over the disposable diaper.

For night time use, I packed a load of cloth diapers and liners. My baby is used to sleeping in cloth, so I wanted him to feel comfortable. I packed a wet bag and kept all his night time diapers in there until I got home.

He never pooped in cloth, but I was prepared to flush poop down the toilet and rinse a diaper in the hotel tub if need be.

In conclusion

Cloth diapering is possible on the road, you just need to prepare yourself and be willing to deal with accidents if shit hits the fan!

P.S. I just realized this post has poop written all over it.

WORD COUNT:  “Poop”- 8, no wait, 10 times. “#2”- twice, hmm. “Shit”- Just once:)

Do you have any tips for cloth diapering on the road? Share in the comments below!


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