What’s the cherry on top of the release of “Heal While You Sleep: Soothing All Ages Through Blissful Meditation?” A giveaway of course!

I knew that as part of my meditation debut, I was going to want to give my readers free copies, but then it dawned on me to take it one step further. While out and about, I stumbled across this lovely mini Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp and FELL IN LOVE with the idea of gifting it to one lucky reader!

I myself have a salt stone lamp, and I use it daily. In fact, I LOVE it. It’s beautiful, it’s zen, it’s natural, and it’s the perfect addition to your meditation ritual.

saltyg3What’s more, salt stone lamps emit negative ions into the air, which are essential to healthy bodies and minds.

So, wait, negative ions? Huh?

Let me explain…

… Negative ions are known as “The Vitamins of the Air,” because they calm nerves and can revitalize cells. They also give the air “freshness,” which is why when you are out and about in nature, you feel so good. In areas that are heavily polluted or full of electromagnetic chaos, the ratio is off, leaving us with more positive ions. Positive ions are known to cause stress, anxiety, and other health issues. This is why people crack after sitting in front of a computer all day, or feel like their energy is completely drained.

You see, in nature, the ion ratio between positive and negative are perfectly balanced. This explains why we feel so refreshed and happy when we are out for a walk, or next to a waterfall, or river, or in a beautiful forest.

That’s also why this salt stone lamp rocks (quite literally LOL), because it comes from nature. Therefor, it is a natural ionizer! Score!

As you can see below, even Mr. Kitty likes it:


Wait…there’s more?

YES! I’m giving away 5 COPIES of “Heal While You Sleep!” First prize includes this Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp, Adapter, and a FREE download of my blissful meditation. In addition, there will be 4 WINNERS who can download my meditation for FREE.

“Heal While You Sleep” is a 40 minute night time meditation for children, adults, and families. Using the calming and soothing imagery of nature, this meditation will help you balance and restore your energies, while guiding you into a peaceful nights rest. Included is a bonus PDF with information on your energy points and users guide!


To read more about “Heal While You Sleep,” plus listen to our sample track, click here!

So if you want to get in on this AWESOME giveaway, please enter below!

1 Winner Will Receive:

  • FREE Download of “Heal While You Sleep: Soothing All Ages Through Blissful Meditation” 40 minute track
  • “Heal While You Sleep” Energy Points Info/Users Guide PDF
  • Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp (mini USB Powered)
  • USB Adapter

4 Winners Will Receive:

  • FREE Download of “Heal While You Sleep: Soothing All Ages Through Blissful Meditation” 40 minute track
  • “Heal While You Sleep” Energy Points Info/Users Guide PDF



Thanks for reading! Good Luck!

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The Details:  Giveaway runs from 6/1 to 6/22/2014. Salt Stone Lamp reserved for United States and Canada only. Worldwide entries accepted (for meditation download prize only). Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winners will receive an email notification on June 23rd 2014. If I don’t receive an address/response within one week of winning, a new winner will be drawn. Thank you and good luck!

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I do off and on for about 40 years.


Wow that’s great! Thanks for commenting!


I am still getting the hang of meditation


Yeah, it can be tough- that’s why I love guided meditation, it really helps me focus.


I don’t meditate in a formal way, but I do try to take time here and there throughout the day to breathe.


Awareness of breath is the first step! Thanks for sharing:)


Do i practice meditation? Not on a daily basis but i try to take time for my self alone if its a bath, shower or hide in a closet away from kids Lol


Lol a few minutes in a closet will do wonders! Thanks for commenting- good luck!

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