Health Info Conflicts: Can You Really Be Healthy On a Vegan Diet?

With 2018 laid out before us, like a yellow brick road of possibilities, it appears that veganism is becoming “all the rage”. Every time I go to the grocery store, I’m finding more and more plant-based products, vegan options are popping up like mad at local restaurants, and a new vegan blog is born every … Continue Reading

Can You Order Low-Histamine Vegan Food at Restaurants?

One frequent question I get from low-histamine vegans is whether or not you can eat this way at restaurants. While it’s common for most vegans to primarily eat at home, depending on their location and schedule, eating out is something we all do, at least every once in a while. So is it possible to … Continue Reading

Holiday GF Vegan Mixed Nuts + Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

For me, Christmas should always involve two things: picturesque snow views outside my window and delicious moan-worthy vegan cookies. I usually get the cookies, but the snow…well, snow in December is one of those rare things that *close to never* happens in the south. So I was more than surprised this past weekend, when dreams … Continue Reading

Vegan Party Food: BBQ & Cranberry Bean Balls

Vegan party food can be tricky to serve if you are trying to satisfy tastes across the board. Picky eaters, or guests that think vegan food is “weird” can certainly throw a wrench (or candy cane?) into your holiday festivities. When I first went vegan back in 2010, I can testify that I personally struggled … Continue Reading