How to practice true self love, despite your fuck ups

How to Love Yourself Regardless of Your F*ck Ups

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How to practice true self love, despite your fuck ups

Valentine’s Day is all about loving your main squeeze- there’s an entire day devoted to fawning over your loved one, buying them special gifts, taking them on dates, and stuffing them with chocolate (hey, I guess it’s not all that bad). There’s one thing that we need to focus on though, before we start devoting our money and time to others…and it is ourselves.

I mean, how can you TRULY, DEEPLY, and FAITHFULLY  love another human being, when you can’t love yourself?

How can you look past their mistakes and take them as they are, if you can’t do that for YOU?

Have you been able to love yourself truly, deeply, and faithfully?

Can you accept yourself, despite the flaws? Because if you can’t, I guarantee you will struggle accepting the flaws of others.

Self love is a subject that is casually overlooked. It seems to only be used while selling contradictory messages of objects. “Love yourself…in these new khaki slacks!” while women parade around, showing how much they love themselves.

This isn’t true self-love…it’s vanity.

True love is gritty- it’s real and it’s raw and it hurts. True love takes work. True love, in every fiber of it’s being, is accepting EVERYTHING. All of the mistakes, the ups and the downs, the super happy fun times and the miserable fucking mornings.

loving yourself through your fucks ups

I struggled for a long time with this. Having a horrible history of drug abuse before I had my twins in 2004, I had a really hard time with accepting all of my baggage as I dove into motherhood, head first. I was hung up on all the things I had done previously, and I felt completely unworthy of my own love, as well as the love from my partner and friends. It made it difficult to be a mother, because I was still punishing myself for all the things I did wrong…all of my “mistakes.”

Did you know that humans are the only creatures that punish themselves multiple times for the same offense? When an animal makes a mistake, they move on and it never comes up again. The lions aren’t guilt tripping themselves because they ate too much gazelle. But humans, we like to revisit the past in our minds, and we punish ourselves over and over. We relive these painful memories, and we lower our self worth because of things that we feel like we did wrong in our past. (more…)

How to plan your homeschool schedule, one month at a time!!

How to Plan Your Homeschool Schedule One Month at a Time!

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How to plan your homeschool schedule, one month at a time!!

Want to know the core secret to a successful homeschooling day?


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of “on the fly” moments. I’m not one of those people that can’t stretch a finger past a schedule, so before you think I’m tight laced, THINK AGAIN.

I’ve had many homeschool days that didn’t go as planned, and worked out well, with random spur of the moment lessons. However, my best homeschool days have always stemmed from a well planned morning. And by well-planned, I simply mean that there are goals, I know what I want to teach (and how I want to teach it), and I have everything printed that needs to be, ready to go. I’m not fumbling around, trying to piece together a half-ass lesson because I waited until the last minute (this has happened too).

And a well-planned day? That takes time. Time at the table with a stack of books, event flyers, my planner, and my noggin, penciling (always pencil!) in dates, lessons, and commitments.


how to plan your homeschool day_2

At the beginning of our homeschool journey, I would only plan one week at a time. Sunday night would be spent at my computer, printing worksheets for the week and piecing curriculum together like a patchwork quilt.

The drawback to this method is that you are stuck in a constant cycle of planning. It feels like it just never ends. By scheduling one month at a time, however, you can stay on track while enjoying a break from planning and printing worksheets. It gives your mama brain a much needed rest! Bulk scheduling gives you the consistency and the breather you need from overthinking your homeschooling day.

Now that we are in year 6, I can make schedules faster, and I plan one month at a time. If you are just starting, this may feel difficult at first. However, young homeschooler, as a Jedi master, teach you I must.

How to Plan Your Homeschool Schedule One Month at a Time

This, so far, has been my favorite way to plan. While I’ve tried to do this all in one go, I find that my brain turns to mush after a couple of hours. SO, I highly recommend that you break this up over the course of a few days. I know, I know…it’s time. BUT, you’ll be planning either way, so do you want to do it the stressful way or the relaxed way?

I spend the last week of the month planning for the next round of lessons. I do about 30 minutes a day, and it really helps spread it out, making it more easy to tackle when I do sit down with my planner. And then I can chill for three weeks! (more…)

Kind & Healthy Linkup-

Kind & Healthy Fridays Link Party #5

Kind & Healthy Linkup-

Hello and welcome to “Kind & Healthy Fridays”! I’m so glad you stopped by- if you have joined me previously for my “Monthly Bohemian Blog Hop”, you’ll find that this runs very similar, but launches EVERY Friday at 8:00 am EST.

I decided to give the weekly link party a chance, and see how it goes. My hopes is that I can make some good connections with other bloggers and share some love!

We link party hosts put a lot of work into promoting and sharing, so PLEASE don’t link and run. Be a nice guest and hop around a little- I know you want folks coming to your blog so be courteous and do the same for others. Check out the full details of this link party below, thanks!

“Kind & Healthy Fridays” Link Party Details


How to play with your son_2

How to Play With Your Son

How to play with your son_2

Actively playing with your children is a huge part of being a mom these days. Gone are the times when you could send them outside for hours on end, only to return at the dinner bell. More children are staying indoors, and that means you have “littles” that get bored easily and demand your attention.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with kids experiencing boredom- it actually builds creativity and can teach them a thing or two about self-reliance. However, it’s good for parents to play with their children and make connections. Children learn through play, so they can pick up a lot about their world when you play with them!

That being said, I don’t think I’m the only mom that struggles with “playing”. I mean, my idea of fun and my children’s idea of fun don’t always align. No matter how much I love them, it’s natural to experience EXTREME BOREDOM from time to time.

I did okay with my girls when they were small. We would play house, have a tea party, or do hair.

But my son?

I have a hard time playing “boy”, and there’s only so many times I can make conversations with trucks.

How to play with your son! (A guide!)

I was reminded of this fact when I walked into the kitchen to find my husband pushing trains around with my son on the floor…effortlessly.

“How do you do that?” I asked in amazement.

He gave me a puzzling look and smiled. “What?”


I realized in that moment that I had become a stick in the mud when it comes to pretend. I felt deflated as the EPIC FAIL moment sunk in.

Am I really that old!?

“You know you don’t always have to talk when you play, right?” he said as-a-matter-of-factly.

…I guess I really never thought about NOT talking. Talking is my thing. I’m a writer for crying out loud!

How to Play With Your Son (For the Play-Impaired)


Monthly Oracle February 2016

Monthly Oracle February 2016

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Monthly Oracle February 2016

Hello all! Welcome to another monthly oracle card reading! I hope that January’s reading was useful and brought a sense of peace to your new year. I’m so excited to share with you my spread for February, the month of love.

I became a Certified Angel Card Reader in 2013 by Doreen Virtue herself at one of her live workshops, and have loved applying all the information since then. I enjoy Doreen’s take on oracle, because it doesn’t contain some of the frightening imagery that the traditional decks hold. Instead, the focus is on having a positive experience that lifts you up and encourages you, which I always appreciate.

If you are new to oracle, please know that I am not trying to predict your future- the only thing I’m offering is encouraging words for the month, and anyone can benefit! Apply what you feel is needed, and leave the rest.

This month I am using a very special deck, and one of my favorites: the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Theses cards are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Every time I use them, I walk away feeling refreshed and inspired.

I chose three cards to represent the beginning, middle, and end of February. Below are the results and further information. If you want a private reading by me, please visit me here to set up a chat for my “Love & Light Angle Card Readings”!

Oracle February 2016

Monthly Oracle Reading- You are healed!_5

“You Are Healed”: Have you been feeling run down recently? Perhaps physically fatigued or ill? This is a sign for you to take care of yourself this month, by whatever means you feel necessary. February is a cold winter month, which means that it’s the perfect time for hibernation and self-care. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy warming foods, and treat yourself with kindness. If you have been praying about being physically healed, know that this is in the works. When you receive messages to take a break or rest, please listen, as it is prayers in action!

The more that we take care of ourselves, the better we will be able to take care of others too. This is very important for mothers and any caregivers to remember! (more…)