Monthly Oracle May 2016_3

Monthly Oracle May 2016

Monthly Oracle May 2016_3

Hello all! Welcome to another monthly oracle card reading! I hope that April’s reading was useful and brought a sense of completion to your month. I’m so excited to share with you my spread for May!

I became a Certified Angel Card Reader in 2013 by Doreen Virtue herself at one of her live workshops (as well as received advanced education on oracle), and have loved applying all the information since then. I enjoy Doreen’s take on oracle, because it doesn’t contain some of the frightening imagery that the traditional decks hold. Instead, the focus is on having a positive experience that lifts you up and encourages you, which I always appreciate.

If you are new to oracle, please know that I am not trying to predict your future- the only thing I’m offering is encouraging words for the month, and anyone can benefit! Apply what you feel is needed, and leave the rest.

This month I’m using a deck that I only recently became attached to, but now that I’m more familiar with how they work, I’m LOVING it! The “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins” cards are wonderful to use during this time of year, when you may be longing for the beach lol! I think that they hold a very special feminine energy that feels different than other decks I have, and the water imagery always makes this a “refreshing” reading. 

I chose three cards for you, to represent the beginning, middle, and end of May. I also drew a “bonus card”, which acts as an exclamation point to the reading. These readings are conducted with a deep focus on what you need to know for the month ahead– the cards below are the first four I drew, and so there are no mistakes or setups- what you see is EXACTLY what I pulled at the time of the monthly reading. Below are the results and further information.

If you want a private reading by me, please visit me here to set up a chat for my “Love & Light Angle Card Readings”!

Oracle May 2016:

Watch your Thoughts- may oracle

“Watch Your Thoughts”: This is a great follow up to last months reading, which was all about creativity and completion. This month, the mermaids remind you to keep your thoughts positive, as it is shaping your reality every day. Just as the mermaid on this card is gazing into the mirror, what we see in our own mirror is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

If you find yourself stuck in a negativity trap, take a deep breath and do a simple clearing of your energy. You can do this by visualizing yourself hitting the brakes and placing yourself on a better path towards positivity. You can also do a smudge session or call upon an ascended master, guardian angel, or Archangel Michael to cut your stress cords.

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When we place our minds in excess worry, we are praying for things we do not want. This month, pay close attention to your thoughts. Make sure that you are focusing on the positive. The water realm is connected to our emotions, so remember to rise above them and don’t drown in them. Things will get better if you change your perspective!

Ready, Set, Go! may oracle

“Ready, Set, Go!”: While you are training your mind to think about the bright side of things, take a leap of faith and do something you always wanted to do!! Is there something on your mind that you’ve been feeling you want to do, but have not acted upon it out of fear? Well, now is the perfect time to forget the fear and dive in! (more…)

Sleepytime Chocolates for Kids Insomnia

Sleepy-time Chocolates for Kids Insomnia

Sleepytime Chocolates for Kids Insomnia

I never thought I would have to deal with a child with insomnia.

At some point, we all have those nights- you know, the ones where you have that horrible thought, “If I fell asleep RIGHT NOW, I’d only get about *insert hours here* of sleep!” You lay there for what seems like eternity, and your mind just cannot stop thinking. Every time you believe that you have pushed all the thoughts out of your head space, you realize that you just spent the past few minutes going through a to-do list or having a fictional conversation in your mind.

It’s a nightmare for anyone, especially if it’s your child.

I shouldn’t be too surprised that one of my girls finally started to experience the horrors of non-sleeping, since I myself went through the same thing as a child, and even as a teenager.

I would lay awake at night, obsessing over the mysteries of the universe or my anxiety about school; about the kids and the teachers and the long list of work that was to be expected of my young mind the next day. It was awful. As I grew older, the problems changed, but my sleep cycles suffered greatly.

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I figured since I homeschool that my kids wouldn’t have the same anxiety that I did, and so their nights would be much more comfortable. Enter the dreaded sleepover syndrome.

Sleepytime Men for Kids Insomnia!

I don’t know if that is an official term, but I’m going to pretend like it is for the sake of this blog.

Sleepover syndrome is when your child thinks they are fully capable of sleeping over at a friends house, only to have a complete meltdown when they are away from the nest. And then this experience leaks itself into your normal routine at home, causing every night to be a headache because your kid is afraid they won’t be able to fall asleep…ever, EVER again.

There are some things that we did that helped combat my child’s insomnia, such as long reassuring talks, meditations, and tea. However, I found that one of the best methods for helping my girl fall asleep comfortably (and stay asleep) was making these sleepy-time chocolates.

By having an herbal chocolate after dinner, sometimes followed by a warm cup of tea, my baby was able to calm down enough to allow her mind to rest. I have seen a significant improvement after using this natural remedy to help ease anxiety and bring on feelings of relaxation.

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By using these sleepy-time chocolates as one of our insomnia tools, it has helped not only my daughter, but the rest of the family too! So if you’re an adult with insomnia or sleep issues, by all means, TRY THESE as soon as possible.

sleepytime chocolate men for kids insomnia

I make these chocolates about once a week, and because we have five people in our family, they only last a few days. However, part of being a home herbalist is understanding that if you take an herb on a regular basis, it actually starts to change the way your body functions. And so, by introducing MORE relaxing herbs into my daughters routine, even if only a few nights a week, it helps her body learn how to relax during bedtime. 

These chocolates contain two very important herbs to help the body chill out: (more…)

Dinner Herb Sprinkles

Dinner Herb Sprinkles

Dinner Herb Sprinkles

Yup, you read that right…herb SPRINKLES lol. 

No, they are not the confetti kind, dyed with artificial colors, but it sure does make you want to toss some confetti when you have them lol. These dinner herb sprinkles are PERFECT for Asian-inspired dishes, soups, stews, or roasted veg. They are packed with flavor and you can tweak them any way you like– add a little more of this, or a little less than that, whatever you prefer.

Just make sure you say “BAM!” when you sprinkle them, k?

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The bonus to these versatile sprinkles is the health benefits of course! Add a dash of this herb mix to any dinner entree and you get an extra dose of natures vitamins.

And I know what you are thinking- that they slightly resemble a certain something that you may have tried back in your “experimental years”. But sadly, no, it is not. However, if it were, I suspect that you would really “dig these sprinkles man” at the end of your meal. And then you may just be tempted to have seconds or contemplate the universe and what sprinkles even MEAN bro. Or perhaps you would excuse yourself from the table as you slip them into your sock drawer.

Dinner Herbal Sprinkles

Just sayin’.

But no worries here man, cuz what you do on your own time is none of my business. 

So, ANNNYWAY, back to the real issue here, these herbs are loaded with lots of good stuff, such as…

Parsley: Helps with iron deficiency, fatigue, and proper kidney function. Is rumored to contain trace amount of B12.

Sage: Fights colds and flus and is great for your moon cycle. 

Rosemary: Improves concentration and memory; is a circulatory stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral. 

Thyme: Rich in antioxidants; can treat sore throats and colds.

Sesame seeds: Promotes healthy skin, lowers blood pressure, and is a good source of copper.

Seaweed/ Dulse: Helps with digestion, skin cardiovascular health, and is high in iodine.

So as you can see, these sprinkles are loaded with amazing antioxidants, making them a valuable kitchen staple. I picked up this recipe from a great herbal teacher, Rosemary Gladstar, however, I was pairing these spices together long before Mrs. Gladstar ever entered my life!

Years ago, when I first started to learn how to cook, my dad showed me how the perfect spice blend could be found within the lyrics of “Scarborough Fair” lol. Boy was he right! I’ll never forget the first time I mixed them together- it was like I just performed some sort of magic spell, because the flavor was perfect! Ever since then, I’ve always used the powers of these four herbs, and I always will:)

Of course, if you want to switch it up a bit, add a little nutritional yeast for a light cheddar flavor, or some dried basil, garlic, or onions.

No matter what you do, I’m sure these will become a favorite to use for a variety of dishes!

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Dinner Herb Sprinkles



Will You Pledge One Week of Meatless Meals? (Veg Week 2016)


Have you been on the fence about going meatless? Well here’s your chance to get your feet wet and give it a go!

From April 18th through the 24th, join me and thousands of others while we go MEATLESS for an entire WEEK!

This beautiful concept was founded by “Compassion Over Killing” back in 2009, and quickly formed into what is now known as “Veg Week”. I’m very excited about this movement, as the main focus is to encourage others to try veg for just seven days- it’s a simple way to help the planet, and it’s an easy goal to achieve.

But it goes beyond that- if you can go meatless for seven days, it can help you take one step closer to compassionate living, incorporating more plant-based meals into your lifestyle. It can help you see that there IS a way to live without meat and animal products. You will be helping not just yourself, but the animals and the planet too!

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Just to be clear- this isn’t about being perfect. I believe that every little bit counts and that we need to be compassionate for ALL living things, ourselves included.

celebrate veg week 2016

You know what though? I immediately became SUPER excited by Veg Week because it’s offering something I didn’t have when I first started, which is support. When I decided back in October of 2009 that I didn’t want to eat meat anymore, I had to completely rely on my heart to keep going.

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Lucky for you, this week, if you make the pledge to go meatless for only seven days, you will receive daily emails that inspire and help guide you along the way!

You’ll also get daily recipes, coupons from a variety of veggie companies, and have a chance to win awesome prizes!! (more…)

Finding Grace When You're a STRESSED OUT Mama

Finding Grace When You’re a Stressed Out Mama

Finding Grace When You're a STRESSED OUT Mama

Ok mamas, let’s get real. We’ve all been there.

You know what I’m talking about: the house is a wreck, there’s toys spilled out all over the floor, miscellaneous cups and books and some (sticky?) substance on the couch; your toddler is throwing a fit on the kitchen floor because he really really really wanted to spread the jelly on his toast all by himself and you are the shittiest mother ever because heaven forbid you do it for him. The dog needs to go out and pee and your eldest really needs help with their math work and omg if you could just take a shower? Really? Oh and you forgot about your laundry again last night, and now it has gone sour so you have to run the washer AGAIN while praying that you remember this time to take it out and did the house really get this out of control when you just cleaned it up YESTERDAY???

Did I mention you were tired? Oh, yeah, I guess that’s a given.

Yes we’ve all been there, and it sucks coconuts. Although in the midst of all of this, why is it that we often feel so alone? Like we are the only mother ever to experience this?

I partly blame social media and its constant regurgitation of happy pictures of happy families doing happy things…with cats.

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Not that there’s anything wrong with sharing the good, please don’t misunderstand me, but when you are in the middle of a downward spiral, social media is just going to fan the fire. Especially when you spend most of your waking moments at home, talking to a three year old.

Overcoming stressed out mama syndrome

In fact, the LAST thing you need to see when your trying to grab “5 minutes” to distract yourself from harsh reality is to be reminded of other peoples happy place. I think that this can actually send you deeper into a depressive state and make you feel worse, which is why, when I’m having a moment of desperation, I avoid social media like the plague.

In reality, all those other moms on your social media circle have the same feelings from time to time. They may not post it, but yeah, we all have meltdowns. The difference between us is, how do we perceive these meltdowns and how do we pick ourselves back up? Is there a way to achieve beautiful balance with grace?

First off, crying works.

Yes, I said it, CRYING. My God woman, if you feel like you are going to lose your shit, go into the bathroom, shut the door and let those tears fall like you’re creating your own personal downpour. (more…)