vegan chipotle coleslaw

Vegan Chipotle Coleslaw (EASY Side Dish!)

vegan chipotle coleslaw

Ahh Memorial Day in America. The day where we all pay our “respects” to casualties of war by grilling hot dogs, drinking beer, and filling up the kiddie pool. Maybe I’m wrong, but I suspect there’s a good portion of folks who don’t entirely know what Memorial Day even means- they just look at it as a three day weekend or a bank holiday.

Nevertheless, I think we all honor something on Monday, whether it’s the deceased or a day spent in bed. As for me, I always try to take a moment to remember the people that died for this country, even though the subject of politics makes me cringe. Politics aside, there have been millions of people who gave their lives for something, and that’s definitely cause to pay my respects, if only for a few moments out of the day.

For the rest of the day, of course, I’m prepping food for the grill and soaking up some sun like your average American.

Unlike your average American, however, my family partakes in a cruelty-free memorial dinner, which takes less time and is just as yummy.

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chipolte coleslaw

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the children.

To my kids, Memorial Day always marks the first day of summer vacation, because it’s finally hot enough to swim and they don’t have to wear me down with PLEASE on repeat. 

So I’ll drag out the large vinyl pool from last year and give her a good scrub down; she hasn’t been touched since last August after all. The kids will dance around with squealing delight because they know there’s no convincing me to do this, not today. Nope, for today only, their little brains can relax because it’s simply tradition to wear your bathing suit all day.

And after they are busy making whirlpools and I’ve asked them for the 50th time to PLEASE WATCH WHERE YOU SPLASH, I set to work on prepping our Memorial Day feast while the hubby lights the grill.

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Which brings me to this lovely Vegan Chipotle Coleslaw. (Or “chilpotle” according to some- still don’t understand the difference so I’m going with the former spelling lol.) Seriously, this stuff is SO good, you can eat it straight out of the tupperware OR as a spicy topping on your grilled veggie patty. Both are equally as amazing, so hell, just do both!

chipolte coleslaw

You can tweak this any way you’d like to- for a really KICKIN’ slaw, you may want to add more chipotle (if your tongue can handle the heat), or toss in extra shredded veg such as celery or cucumber. You seriously can’t go wrong, so let your freak flag fly!

Happy Memorial Day!

Vegan Chipotle Coleslaw


Low histamine vegan salad with chia dressing

Low-Histamine Vegan Salad with Chia Ranch Dressing

Low histamine vegan salad with chia dressing

I realized the other day that I’ve never posted a salad recipe on my blog.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working hard to bust that “vegans only eat salad” stereotype- I like to post recipes that appeal to those “meaty” taste buds and show people that you really can tweak *most* things to accommodate a vegan lifestyle.

Or perhaps my lack of leafy green posts is because I normally wing my salads, depending on what’s in my fridge at said moment. Either way, I felt like it was time, given that I just opened up about my low-histamine adventure last week.

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In truth, I LOVE me a good salad. There’s nothing like a gigantic plate piled high with an assortment of raw veg and drizzled with special sauce. I’m drooling already just thinking about it.

vegan salad low histamine

However, after going low-histamine, I really started to understand the importance of pairing certain veggies. And I got frustrated (at first), because I realized that all vegan salad dressings are pretty much vinegar and/or soy based.

Unless I was using plain olive oil (which you are more than welcome to do), I had a hard time figuring out how to make something that was low-histamine “friendly”.

Enter my chia ranch dressing. (more…)

low histamine vegan

How I Feel After Switching to a Low-Histamine Vegan Lifestyle

low-histamine vegan

I know what you’re thinking…low-histamine WHAT?

A few months ago, I didn’t even bat an eyelash at the term “low-histamine”, nor did I know what following this type of diet was. Little did I know, after listening to Doreen Virtue’s latest book on audible, “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle,” that my entire style of eating was about to flip completely on its side.

Previous to listening to this book, I was following what I believed to be a pretty well-balanced diet. Having gone vegan in 2010, I ate plenty of plant-based proteins, nuts, grains, and seeds. I focused on home cooked meals for dinner every night, and I tried not to binge too much on sugary foods like cake and extra treats. I also had been doing yoga for about 9 months, getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make it to class and back home in time to homeschool my kiddos. I honestly thought that I was doing everything right, and at first, it seemed to be working well for me.

However…I noticed that after Christmas I was starting to not feel well. I was craving more processed foods, I felt nauseous most of the time, and I started getting really…cranky to say the least. My once-loved yoga started to feel really HEAVY on my mornings, and I realized that I was slowly gaining weight.

I was really stressed, but I didn’t entirely know why.

cauliflower rainbow

THANKFULLY, after listening to “Sparkle” back in February, I found complete clarity. What I learned was that I had been munching on high-histamine foods, some of which I believe I was allergic to, but didn’t know. Histamines are in all foods, but an excess of them can cause inflammation in the body, and even contribute to a leaky gut if not addressed early on. I realized that the bulk of my meals contained high amounts of histamines, and while some people do not see symptoms occur because of them, I realized that I did.

And it’s not just histamines, it’s also stress. I found that getting up early to go do yoga was actually putting my body under extra stress, and I was losing sleep, which caught up to me and ended up hurting more than helping. I became very grouchy and run-down, causing me to binge on high-histamine foods and sink deeper into the hole.

It was a viscous cycle that I didn’t even know I was participating in, but once I started to take it seriously, things changed for the better.

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And I’m not going to lie- I wasn’t all happy-go-lucky at the beginning of this journey either. In fact, I was pretty ticked off about it lol.

I think the first time I sat down to make a “low-histamine” vegan grocery list, I lost my shit. It took me FOR-E-VER, because I had NO IDEA what the hell to eat! I thought, “How can I possibly do this when I don’t even know what to feed myself! Am I supposed to just eat romaine lettuce and sliced cucumber for the rest of my life??? And what about the kids!?” Flabbergasted, I had a hissy-fit the entire time I searched and planned out extremely basic recipes.

Oh yes, the ego went berserk.

It also didn’t help if I mentioned it to people either. I learned after that first week that it was best to keep my mouth shut about trying to do this, because (just like when you first go vegan), people will doubt you, try to sabotage you, or talk you out of it because they are worried.

And so, I vowed to myself that I would try JUST ONE MONTH of low-histamine foods, to get my system back in balance and see where this takes me (it has now been three months, which I documented for you below).

My kids would eat a low-histamine lunch and dinner, but I would make sure that I did not limit them on their breakfast and snack choices. As for hubby, he was completely on board, since he listened to “Sparkle” with me and wanted to see if it would balance out his system as well.

Sprouted red and white quinoa

High-Histamine Foods


plantain backyard foraging

Backyard Foraging: Plantain Benefits

plantain backyard foraging

I have no shortage of plantain in my backyard. Depending on your perspective, one might think that we are an extremely lazy family, because we have weeds all over the damn place. However, when I look out my window or step into my backyard, it brings me joy to see so many helpful plants ready to be used. I beg my husband to postpone mowing the lawn this time of year because I can’t stand to see all these treasures run over lol.

However, even when he can’t wait any longer, I am always happy to see them pop up again within a couple days- these plants don’t give up people!

I’ve talked about plantain a bit on my blog and instagram, posting photos or videos, and sharing some information about this wonderful weed. Recently though, it occurred to me that I did not have a post dedicated ONLY to plantain, and I felt it was about time, because it deserves one!

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Plantain is a common backyard plant that most people pull up because they think it’s nothing more than a weed. In fact, it is a perfect herb for beginners, because it is easily identifiable and you can use it for a number of things.

Plantain in your backyard!

This was the first herb I ever truly learned to use, and so it holds a special place in my heart. For months after learning about plantain, I would see how many places I could find it while I was out and about- and I was happily satisfied as it made itself known outside of the grocery store, at the park, and in many of my friends’ yards. Trust me, once you get bit by the “herb-bug”, you can’t help yourself but to look down when you are out lol!

Known as the “white man’s footprint” or “Englishman’s foot,” plantain grows well in compact soil across North America and Europe. It was valued by European settlers and referred to as a “cure-all” back in the day! There are two varieties, narrow leaf and broad leaf plantain. In this post, you will see pictures of broad leaf plantain.

OUCH! Got a Bee Sting?


Monthly Oracle May 2016_3

Monthly Oracle May 2016

Monthly Oracle May 2016_3

Hello all! Welcome to another monthly oracle card reading! I hope that April’s reading was useful and brought a sense of completion to your month. I’m so excited to share with you my spread for May!

I became a Certified Angel Card Reader in 2013 by Doreen Virtue herself at one of her live workshops (as well as received advanced education on oracle), and have loved applying all the information since then. I enjoy Doreen’s take on oracle, because it doesn’t contain some of the frightening imagery that the traditional decks hold. Instead, the focus is on having a positive experience that lifts you up and encourages you, which I always appreciate.

If you are new to oracle, please know that I am not trying to predict your future- the only thing I’m offering is encouraging words for the month, and anyone can benefit! Apply what you feel is needed, and leave the rest.

This month I’m using a deck that I only recently became attached to, but now that I’m more familiar with how they work, I’m LOVING it! The “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins” cards are wonderful to use during this time of year, when you may be longing for the beach lol! I think that they hold a very special feminine energy that feels different than other decks I have, and the water imagery always makes this a “refreshing” reading. 

I chose three cards for you, to represent the beginning, middle, and end of May. I also drew a “bonus card”, which acts as an exclamation point to the reading. These readings are conducted with a deep focus on what you need to know for the month ahead– the cards below are the first four I drew, and so there are no mistakes or setups- what you see is EXACTLY what I pulled at the time of the monthly reading. Below are the results and further information.

If you want a private reading by me, please visit me here to set up a chat for my “Love & Light Angle Card Readings”!

Oracle May 2016:

Watch your Thoughts- may oracle

“Watch Your Thoughts”: This is a great follow up to last months reading, which was all about creativity and completion. This month, the mermaids remind you to keep your thoughts positive, as it is shaping your reality every day. Just as the mermaid on this card is gazing into the mirror, what we see in our own mirror is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

If you find yourself stuck in a negativity trap, take a deep breath and do a simple clearing of your energy. You can do this by visualizing yourself hitting the brakes and placing yourself on a better path towards positivity. You can also do a smudge session or call upon an ascended master, guardian angel, or Archangel Michael to cut your stress cords.

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When we place our minds in excess worry, we are praying for things we do not want. This month, pay close attention to your thoughts. Make sure that you are focusing on the positive. The water realm is connected to our emotions, so remember to rise above them and don’t drown in them. Things will get better if you change your perspective!

Ready, Set, Go! may oracle

“Ready, Set, Go!”: While you are training your mind to think about the bright side of things, take a leap of faith and do something you always wanted to do!! Is there something on your mind that you’ve been feeling you want to do, but have not acted upon it out of fear? Well, now is the perfect time to forget the fear and dive in! (more…)