How Yoga Eased my Depression and Anxiety!

How Yoga Eased My Depression and Anxiety

How Yoga Eased my Depression and Anxiety

I started attending yoga classes at the end of this past July. I’ve always wanted to take a class, ever since my girls were small. I can remember “discovering” yoga in my old two bedroom home- trying desperately to pose in the living room, and failing miserably; trusting that Denise Austin would take pity on me through the television screen. Yet she only smiled and posed with perfection on her mat in Hawaii with palm trees swaying behind her.

The palm tress moved with the wind, bending gracefully liked a well-seasoned student.

I wanted to bend like that, like a ballet dancer with fluid movements and careful transitions. Instead, I fell, over, and over, and over again. I couldn’t be the trees.

Through the years I have visited yoga periodically. Like an old friend, I’d play catch up and delight in the refreshing feeling of stretching. After I’d have my way with her, I’d abandon her once again, swept up in whatever had my immediate attention. Children, or writing, or just life in general.

So I was excited to start a REAL class- somewhere I could be held accountable. Someplace that gave me the care and nurturing hand of a new mom, and yet the structure and direction of an experienced one. I was looking to be alive. I was looking for connection.

Yes, I was looking for a lot of things, only to find these needs stripped away- yoga has its own way of delivering things you didn’t even know you were looking for to begin with. (more…)

Natural Remedies to Wean off Coffee!

Natural Remedies to Wean off Coffee

Natural Remedies to Wean off Coffee!

Ooohhhh coffee- the drink that fuels mothers.

You get a good cup of coffee and it puts you in turbo drive- your body surges with energy, you can knock out multiple loads of laundry, and zip around the kids at lightening speed, solving every request.

And you can write a mean blog post- the creative juices leak out your brainy brain when coffee is in the tank.


You also get tired…quick. There’s that coffee lag, or coffee crash. Your breath smells like a dragon turd. And your body could shake apart at any given moment.

Yes, there is a dark side to coffee, and I’m not talking about just serving it with no milk.

My Coffee Journey

I used to hate coffee. I would drink it only in baby sips when my friends would order a round at Waffle House. They would be gulping away and I’d be hunched over it, mixing a potion- stirring in multiple sugar packets and creamers…anything to get rid of the bitter! Then, after having (surprise!) twin girls by 20, coffee became, like most new mamas, a support system.

I couldn’t get up in the middle of the night, and make it to work at 5:30 am, without coffee.

I couldn’t stay awake later without coffee either.

It was awful. (more…)

Teach Your Children Fine Art!

3 Ways I Taught My Children About Fine Art

3 Ways I Taught My Children Fine Art

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together,” said Vincent van Gogh.

This is so true of homeschooling- you continue to chip away at a subject until you master it. You don’t have to bog down your children with hours of instruction and work just to make a breakthrough. More work doesn’t always mean a better understanding. Breakthroughs happen when you’re allowed room to think freely. Space between the lesson to think, to evaluate, and to let it all simmer.

All it takes is one step at a time, and your child can learn anything.

Baby Steps

Baby steps are the way to go when you teach your children about fine art. The history of art is rich with stories, philosophy, concepts, and technique.  All of these aspects should be handled with care and in small doses- it allows your child to really think about why art has been valued over the years and how it has transformed.

Art has served many purposes. It has been used as a tool to manipulate, to convince, to inspire, to enlighten, to entertain, and to provoke. (more…)

cough syrup featured

Homemade Vegan Cough Syrup!

Homemade Vegan Cough Syrup

Happy Fall Y’all! Has the seasonal change brought on any colds for you lately? Perhaps the chilly weather has stung you with a cough or sore throat?

Yeah, me too. Boo.

When you have children, it’s hard to avoid seasonal colds. Every parent knows all too well the value of hand washing. If you have a toddler, you understand the constant vigilance that must happen if you don’t want them sticking their dirty hands in their mouths.

And *sigh*, you know toddlers are sneaky bastards.

Especially if you have a son, you may have seen that twinkle in his eye, after he did something you told him not to do.

“You mean I can’t jump off the couch?”
“Don’t you want me to pull the cats tail?”
“I was only testing out our toilets capabilities of flushing random objects.”

And so on.

So it’s no surprise that households can become contaminated quickly– and we mamas have to swoop in and nurture the casualties. Yup, we don’t get no sick days. (more…)


Happy Birthday Bohemian & 20% Off Any Coaching Service!


Happy Birthday Beautifully Bohemian!

4 years ago, I made my transition from “youtuber” to blogger. I took a risk and poured everything I had into my new website and cookbook. It has been a long journey, paved with many lessons, and beautifully gift-wrapped in various packages of frustration and bliss.

It has been a real blessing in my life, and I’m still so very happy that I did it.

Have you ever taken a risk?

As someone who has “hit the pavement” more than once in her life, I’ve become an expert in getting back up and trying again. I understand what it’s like to hit rock bottom, having that burning desire to be better and do better. Because of this, I have been able to tune into what my needs are as a human being and work through my problems, face to face. (more…)