Sometimes when I would peek into my daughters’ room at night, I would find one (or both) of them, laying awake. The reasons would differ- sometimes it was due to excitement, sometimes anxiousness, and other times it was a struggle to verbalize the reason. I would sit on the corner of the bed, listening to my daughter express her frustration and request for help. A mommy always knows what to do, right? Kissing her cheek, running my hand through her hair, I would ask her to take a few deep breaths, close her eyes, and imagine a beautiful forest. Imagining the trees, the birds, and the flowers. Or I may take her to the beach on a warm sunny day, or the lake…whatever would strike me at that moment.

I have realized since then that nature brings so much healing…not just to children, but adults too.

sleepygirlThis led me to the discovery of meditation, and the benefits that it can bring to busy families. However, I got discouraged, because after all- when is there time in this busy world?

“I created ‘Heal While You Sleep,’ out of a need, for not just myself, but for all families who desire balance, and don’t seem to have the time. I wanted mothers, fathers, and their children to be able to heal, emotionally, and spiritually, without having to add extra stress to the day. It only seems logical that the best time to “heal,” is while we sleep- when we are relaxed and open to receiving subconscious messages of divine guidance.”  (excerpt from ‘Heal While You Sleep Users Guide’, included in download)

Help Your Child (And Yourself!) Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

“Heal While You Sleep” is a 40 minute guided meditation for adults, children, and families. Using the calming elements of nature, this meditation will take you deep within yourself, healing all of your energy points (also known as chakras) from your roots to your crown. Included in this session is a wonderful blend of key notes that are crucial to the cleansing of each energy point. By using this meditation during your bedtime ritual, you will be able to bring your body into a relaxed state, as well as your mind and spirit (and on a deeper level, your cellular memory). This promotes a peaceful and full nights rest, allowing you to awake feeling refreshed and restored. You’ll be able to heal, from the comfort of your own bedroom, as you are guided into an imaginary nature walk filled with blissful imagery and powerful affirmations.

Included in this Download:

  • “Heal While You Sleep” 40 Minute Guided Meditation
  • “Heal While You Sleep” User Guide/Energy Points Information (PDF)


The Best Part?

Download Instantly and Begin Your Healing Session Tonight.

Listen to Our Sample:

*This meditation has an open price. Choose what feels good to you to pay. I have set an asking price, but any more than that will be directly supporting Beautifully Bohemian and the effort put into creating this healing meditation! Thank you so much for your support! 

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“Heal While You Sleep” was made for family- by family.

bertpies500With the magical powers of awesomeness, sis and bro team Randi Tisdall and Bert Cole have developed the perfect meditation for children and adults. This is the first project the duo has created since their high school years, and it marks the beginning of a series of healing meditations (so stay tuned for more in the future!).
Bert Cole has a lifelong passion for guitars and video games. His experience is deeply rooted in his discoveries as a student and a college graduate of the musical arts. You can work with him by visiting BitByBitSound.com
Randi’s experience comes from almost 10 years of mommyhood, combined with training on emotional and angel healing. Her main source of inspiration comes from her family, and she looks to nature to bring relaxation and clarity onto her life.

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