vegan chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

I can’t imagine why anyone would hate a chocolate chip cookie.

Being MY FAVORITE COOKIE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, I would surely throw bows to defend this delicious holiday staple. Yup. Me and the cookie, we tight like that.

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Because there’s something so PERFECT about the classic cookie- maybe it’s the balance between chocolate and cookie. Maybe it’s the chewiness or even the perfect *crunch* you get when you bake them juuuussst right. Or, perhaps it’s the endless brainwashing of Tollhouse commercials I endured during the holidays as a kid.

Either way, I’m a die-hard choco chip cookie fan, and I will be until I bite the dust….cookie dust that is.

Me and the cookie
Me and the choco chip cookie- we are in it together FOR LIFE.

About the only thing that can make a chocolate chip cookie better though? PUMPKIN.

YES. Pumpkin! Because pumpkin flavored ANYTHING is my other lusty lover, it only makes sense to get jiggy with it and have a three way (don’t judge me).

But, in all honesty, pumpkin brings a lot more than just added flavor to the mix. Pumpkin is also a great source of protein, vitamin-A, vitamin-C, and vitamin-E, which adds a health punch to something that is essentially a sugar ball.

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Speaking of health, I’ve also wanted to make a batch of CCC’s without butter (even vegan butter), to make it better on the health scale. While it’s nice that dairy-free butter exists, it’s not something that should be treated as a “health food” in my opinion, and it can be relied on too much during the holiday season.

I’ve heard of using coconut oil as a substitute, but wasn’t sure about how they would turn out. I was afraid of making the cookies taste more like coconut than cookies. Not that there’s anything wrong with coconut flavored delights, buuuuuut…you get what I mean.

These cookies have sugar and heath romantically entwined, so there’s all the flavor and none of the guilt!

Recently, a friend of my hubby’s gifted us with a plate of cookies that were AH-MAZING, and lo and behold: they used coconut oil instead of butter (and I couldn’t even tell!). I was sold right there- CO is the PERFECT substitute for butter in CCC’s (say that three times fast)!

I asked for the recipe, and was not surprised to find that the cookie trail led back to “Vegan Housewives”, a collaborative vegan blog (and one that I contributed to a few years ago). You can find the original recipe of these cookies here.

But for all you pumpkin lovers out there, read below for my personal tweaks:)

Coconut oil as a substitute pulls these cookies into the health lane, making it a win-win!
Coconut oil as a substitute pulls these cookies into the health lane, making it a win-win!

After getting in the kitchen and adding a few extra ingredients, like pumpkin, pie spice, and cinnamon, I confirmed what I already knew was true- that pumpkin, coconut, and chocolate are the three kings of the baking world.

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To celebrate Halloween the healthy way, I suggest making up a batch of these instead of stuffing your face with trans fats…but that’s just me.

Regardless, I hope you get a chance to make a few…hundred. I promise I won’t tell.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

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pumpkin pie tea!!

YAAAAAAYYYYY!! It’s FINALLY here guys! I’m so excited to announce the arrival of my FIRST online tea beverage, “Pumpkin Pie”.

I’ve LITERALLY been working my booty off since early summer on this project, seeking out the best possible organic ingredients to provide a high-quality tea blend any pumpkin addict would love. Pumpkin pie seemed like the most logical place to start, given that it’s one of my all-time favorite flavors EVER (just check out my instagram if you need proof of this #pumpkinfreak lol).

If you want to skip all this sappy stuff, and jump to the shop page to read about the aroma, flavor, and directions for brewing the perfect cup, please click here. However, if you want to hear a little honest truth and backstory, read on…

Pumpkin Pie tea is finally here- the seasonal beverage that makes you feel like you’re drinking autumn straight up!

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One common complaint I hear is that people need more healthy side dishes to accompany their meals. Especially when you are living in the south, it can be hard to escape the overcooked vegetable smothered with a tub of butter (even though I sadly admit, the person who came up with this was the food wizard of their day).

No, even southerners are wising up to the healthy food movement, and I’m finding more options wherever I go, leaving me feeling victorious more often than not. Because while not everyone is taking the vegan lifestyle head on, it’s (thankfully) grown in popularity, a far cry from what it used to be when I started the switch in 2010.

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Anyone who takes the time to ask will find out quickly that people are flocking to plant-based dishes for a myriad of reasons. Health concerns, animal rights and exploitation, and allergies are just a few of the causes that lead us to veggie-based meals.

butternut squash and smoky mushrooms with herbs
There’s a number of reasons why so many people are now incorporating more plant-based recipes into their diet!

No matter what the reason though, I think it’s a very important shift in our collective conscious, and I can only imagine what restaurant menus will look like in 2030: “I’ll have the local asparagus salad with the gluten-free croutons and NON-GMO sweet potato hash, with a recycled glass of alkaline water please…and is all of this fair-trade?”

And that’s just the drive-thru menu.

In the meantime however, I’ll still be searching for new and tasty dishes and sides. Because if there’s one way to show a person that you can enjoy plant-based food, it’s through the power of the side dish.

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healthy sides
The side dish has magical powers to transform any non-veg-believer into a devout follower.

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing the look on someones face as they tear away at their plate of vegetables, all the while exclaiming enthusiastically, “OMG this is so GOOD! You mean there’s no eggs or dairy in this!?” Like they are expecting me to turn into Borat any minute and say “NOT!” or “Is a-NICE.”

And yes I really did just make a Borat reference with no shame.

I believe this butternut squash recipe is one of those side dish gems, which is why I’m sharing this today. It’s the perfect sidekick, yet can also magically be transformed in a main by adding a veg pilaf of brown rice, a double whammy of health for the self conscious.

It’s also a great thing to eat in October, because #duh, butternut squash people! Need I say more?

Healthy Side Dish: Baked Butternut Squash with Smoky Mushrooms (Low-Histamine Friendly!)

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Harry Potter Vegan Chocolate Frogs with Chamomile

Give me any excuse to serve something chocolate, and I’ll jump on board wholeheartedly. And when one of your twin daughters wants to celebrate her birthday with some heavy Harry Potter influence? Well, you get in the kitchen and you make vegan chocolate frogs like your life depends on it.

I’m a sucker for anything magical, particularly when it has HP written all over it. It was a no-brainer then, to purchase these candy frog molds a couple years ago, when our Potter fandom started to take on beast-like proportions (and I’m glad they have come in handy again!).

Chocolate frogs are an important staple in the wizard world, and damnit, you have to get it right!

Chocolate Frogs are an important staple for any die-hard wizard fan.

It was equally as important then, to throw my daughters’ the best Harry Potter birthday party imaginable *on a modest budget*, complete with Halloween overtones for the sister that is a fan, but leans more towards the spooky side.

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So naturally, we went with a black and purple theme, which included fireplace letters, magic potions, bats, vampire teeth, candelabras, mismatched socks for S.P.E.W. fans, and of course, a recreation of the great hall, complete with floating candles.

harry-potter-birthday party ideas
The Great Hall really exists at my house…didn’t you know?

The candles took three days to make.

Did I mention we take birthday parties seriously around here?

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But anyway, back to the point, the frogs, my God the FROGS.

I’ve learned as an aspiring chocolatier, that you can pretty much add any extra flavors to theses babies, as long as your chocolate has the ability to return back to the hardness of a chocolate bar. For me, if I can work some healing herbs into the mix, by golly I’m gonna do it!

Who wouldn't love these for their birthday, or hell, a Wednesday afternoon?
Who wouldn’t love these for their birthday, or hell, a Wednesday afternoon?

Because after all, what better way to get your herb on than with the help of sweet, lovely, saintly chocolate? I mean really?

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You can of course, skip the chamomile altogether if you wish, but I find that it adds a calming element and is deserving of its position in this recipe. 

Perhaps I must mention though, that some people have the opposite affect of calming chamomile, and can experience hyperactivity after consumption. If that is the case, you can easily switch this out for another herb such as lavender or whatever your pretty little heart desires.

Just remember to eat one for me, k?

Harry Potter Vegan Chocolate Frogs with Chamomile

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