A Look Back at the Highlights...

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During this time of year, I'm flooded with birthdays. There's my son's, my husband's, mom's, daughter's, and dad's. Shortly following we have holidays too,...

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Welcome to the Place where Everyone is Beautiful…

randiprofileBeautifully Bohemian was born at the perfect time, back in 2011. I created this site out of need- to not just express myself, but to help other people find their own way to happiness and personal growth. You see, there was a time when I hit rock bottom. I suffered from depression and substance abuse. I really lost my way. I thought I was worthless, I thought I wasn’t good enough, and I thought that I didn’t have any control over my future. It was a really dark period in my existence.

That all changed in 2007. After a series of events, I was able to overcome the “failures” in my life. I went through my own transformation, by living consciously and learning to love myself for who I am. I began my online adventure by posting Youtube videos in 2010, and I can’t even express how delighted I am that it has grown from that into my website and blog.

If you are reading this, I hope you know that it is not by chance. What I want you to know right now, is that you deserve an abundance of love and happiness. It took me a long time to realize that about myself. It’s unfortunate that so many of us feel worthless, when in reality we have so much to live for.

That’s why I want you to feel good about your life- in what you do, what you eat, and how you think and feel. I want you to love yourself, inside and out. When we love ourselves, we can be better mothers and partners, extending that self-love to our family, friends, and our community. Our world is in need of a global healing. I encourage you to get in touch with what you need as a human being today- it will be the first step towards shifting our world for the better.

What you will find on Beautifully Bohemian:

  • Love for Families: Tips and advice on raising children, all-natural birthing, pregnancy, baby, and postpartum, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, homeschooling, kids activities, and personal stories.
  • Healing Inside and Out: Motivation and action steps for self-growth, self-love, relationships, parenting, and grief support, plus growing information on herbal/essential oil healing, meditation, and alternative therapy techniques.
  • Compassionate Living: Inspiration for vegan living and awareness, with plenty of vegan recipes for holidays, comfort, health, and even your sweet tooth.

So be Bohemian and rock your alternative core beautifully. While I like to offer info to benefit the whole family, I like to focus on mom, because moms change the world. How? Because with a mothers love and encouragement, we can create compassionate, intelligent, and innovative children who will shape and sculpt our world into a place of peace, abundance, and love.

Peace on earth is possible, and it starts with you.