Vegan beauty is not something I regularly explore on my blog, but it’s certainly part of my daily life.

Because being “vegan” goes beyond what’s on your plate- it also extends to your hygiene and beauty products, which often relies on animals or chemicals to do the job. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to substitute beauty products with homemade counterparts.

The bonus is that you’ll be saving yourself some cash, while also treating yourself with good-for-you ingredients! #winwin #treatyoself

Perhaps my favorite vegan beauty product I enjoy making myself is this EASY Lavender Toner.

When I’m making this at home, I feel like I should be sitting in Professor Snape’s potion class, because the results are so good it might as well be magic.

“Turn to page three hundred and ninety FOUR.”

Luckily, you don’t have to be a wizard to get the job done. All you need is a bottle of witch hazel, some dried lavender, and five minutes prep time.

Yup, just TWO INGREDIENTS and FIVE MINUTES. You love it already, don’t you?

Btw, using lavender as part of your beauty regime is wonderful because it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps your skin heal faster if you are prone to acne, while helping prevent future breakouts. When combined with the powers of witch hazel (which soothes and cleanses your skin), you will be well on your way to a natural glowing complexion.  

What’s more, I’ve designed these beautiful downloadable (PDF) labels for you to attach to your finished product, making them a fantastic choice for homemade Christmas gifts and/or other special occasions!

Simply print labels on sticker paper and attach to your jar (or bottle) of choice. Bad-a-bing-bada-boom: instant gift for all your lady friends. You’re welcome.

Included are two types of labels: one for the tops of small mason jar lids (with separate “directions” tags for mini gifts), and the other for large up-cycled bottles. With this printable pack, you’ll have the option for both single print (1) AND a bulk print (6). You can get your Downloadable Printable Label Pack by clicking here.

Now, onward to the recipe!

2 Ingredient Lavender Vegan Beauty Toner

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Oh yes. What better way to welcome in the new fall season than with these HEAVENLY mouth-watering Pumpkin Spiced Vegan Pancakes drizzled with warm maple syrup?

I’m drooling already.

While it’s not even close to feeling like “fall” here in the south, I’m definitely one of those people who still scoots around in flip flops while sporting a hot autumn-flavored drink in one hand. The illusion of fall is all I really need at this point, 90-degree weather be damned.

I just don’t miss a beat when it comes to anything pumpkin (and autumn) flavored!

Which is why I enjoy making these Pumpkin Pancakes every year, giving our mornings a “cozy” feeling before we start the day. I figured it’s about time I shared them with you. 🙂

And don’t worry, you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in a breakfast like this one: the addition of the pumpkin makes these flapjacks 100% oil-free, while also giving it that healthy kick we all need in the a.m.

Pumpkin is prized during this time of year for good reason, as it contains plenty of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and the antioxidant beta-carotene. It’s definitely more than just a flavor enhancer, so make sure to use pumpkin beyond Thanksgiving pie this year!

Those that complain of excess oils will also be happy to know that pumpkin makes a perfect substitute, creating the fluffy pancake texture we all know and love.

In addition, I’ve also swapped out the standard refined sugar for a more natural option: maple syrup, which was an obvious choice to go IN my pancake as well as ON (in reasonable amounts mind you). The result is a rich and moist cake that will be sure to brighten any September morning.

This recipe is a snap to make, add can be completed from start to finish in about 20-30 minutes.

So pull up a chair and have a stack…or two.

You have full permission to get sticky as you lick the plate clean. *wink*

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Pumpkin Spiced Vegan Pancakes (Oil-Free & Refined Sugar-Free!)

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SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER YOU GUYS!! Say it ain’t so! We are t-minus 5 days until the first day back to homeschooling, this time with my twins in 8th and the little dude in the big K. #stopgrowingup:(

Until then, I’m going to continue pretending that summer is NOT coming to a close, by enjoying seasonal dinners that remind me of plenty of R & R, ice cold drinks on the beach, and hot summer days next to the pool. Because SUMMER CAN’T END YET… *whimpers*

Raise your hand if you’re with me on this one…I thought so.

Enter this Spicy Jerk Cauliflower, a new favorite of mine and one that will definitely have you feeling ALIVE and ready to close your summer with a bang!

Maybe it’s all those spicy jerk seasonings, but when I eat these delicious roasted cauli’s and fresh mango stuffed tortillas, I feel like I’ve been whisked away to the Caribbean, even if it’s only in my mind. Cue Bob Marley and the Wailers:

A girl’s gotta dream, right?

So when you want to have something that is both tropical AND healthy, this is the perfect dinner to end your day. Cauliflower is so beautifully versatile and this recipe certainly delivers both heat and flavor with a delicious combo of spices.

Top with tropical mango salsa and you have that fresh play between spicy and sweet.

It’s not complicated and it can be ready in about 30 minutes.

If, however, you love the flavor of “jerk”, but don’t want to worry about putting out the fire, simply cut back on the amount of spice mixture you sprinkle onto the cauliflower prior to baking.

As for me, I’m going to be jammin’ with these tacos for the remainder of the summer.

Hope you like jammin’ too.

Save Time. Eat Healthy. Be Smart.

Learn how YOU can be a SMART VEGAN while saving time (and money) with my FREE GUIDE, PLUS get easy vegan recipes and fun announcements in your email inbox when you join the Boho mailing list!

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Spicy Vegan Jamaican Cauliflower Tacos with Mango Salsa

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No one is immune to depression, but that fact doesn’t help if you don’t know how to deal with it or move forward.

Because depression (and anxiety) is like playing the freeze game, except in this version, you’re on both ends standing still. And defrosting into “normal” isn’t always easy.

Trust me, I’ve had more than my fair share. When I was younger, I spent a considerable amount of time locked away in my room, feeling so anxious I couldn’t even pick up the phone. Depression was like carrying around invisible weights from dawn ’till dusk. And my choices for relief left me with some serious addiction habits that spiraled out of control.

However, this post isn’t about me. It’s about you.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, or even cycling in and out of bad spells, please know that there are alternative therapies that can help.

Specifically, plants.

Using plants as natural healers can not only be effective, but it’s a safe and gentle way to address issues with depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. All it takes is a little patience and willingness on your part.

And this post couldn’t come at a better time, for me and perhaps you too. So many people nowadays silently suffer, afraid or embarrassed to voice the problems that are going on inside. Our society does not seem equipped to be able to handle something so delicate as depression, because after all, aren’t so many of us depressed too?

Use the Power of Herbs to Heal...Naturally!

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Those that do speak up may find that they become slaves to prescription meds, which isn’t *always* the best choice. I’m not here to bash anti-depressants, and I realize there are people that have benefited, however, I am not one of them. My time on prescription drugs was short lived and made me feel detached and shut down.

Which brings me to the most important point: there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mental health.

What works for one person may not work for another, and that’s ok. The important thing is that we keep trying to find an answer. Because if we don’t…well, the flip-side is scary.

But back to the good news: the plants!

Herbs for Depression & Anxiety

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