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Beautifully Bohemian was born at the perfect time- back in 2011. When I created this site, I had no idea what it was going to become, or what it would mean to me in the coming years. It has blossomed into a place that is not only healing for moms, but healing for me too. Life has not always been easy, as I have had my own set of challenges and “failures.” However, sharing my struggles and discoveries  has brought me so much peace. I have been able to open up doors for personal growth and discover the path to my life purpose.

flowerIf you are reading this, I hope you know that it is not by chance. What I want you to know right now, is that you deserve an abundance of love and happiness. It took me a long time to realize that about myself. I never thought I was good enough, but now that I know I am, I want you to know that too.

In fact,  I want you to feel good about your life- in what you do, what you eat, and how you think and feel. I want you to love yourself, inside and out, and I want to help support and guide you through this process. Along with me, you will also hear from some other awesome ladies who would like to share their know-how too. The messages on Beautifully Bohemian are sometimes informative, sometimes inspirational, but always sincere- and with one goal in mind- to give families the very best; to help them blossom into something beautiful and free.

TMBbannerTo be Bohemian is to be alternative, and sometimes radical to popular belief. More people are longing to get back to a more natural approach, and I want to provide families with information to do exactly that- right from the start. From pregnancy, to natural birthing, breastfeeding, and postpartum guidance, to homeschooling motivation, lesson plans, and kids activities to educate your children in the love of your own home. There’s plenty of motivation for clean eating, with compassionate vegan recipes, and of course, lots of love and sweetness for your soul to grow and be the best you can be, and so much more.

To be Bohemian in an age of extreme ego, is to rock your alternative core beautifully. While I like to offer info to benefit the whole family, I like to focus on mom, because moms change the world. How?

Because with a mothers love and encouragement, we can create compassionate, intelligent, and innovative children who will shape and sculpt our world into a place of peace, abundance, and love.

Peace on earth is possible, and it starts with you.

Thank you for visiting! Please enjoy your experience!

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Beautifully Bohemian


“Happiness comes from sharing one’s self and one’s blessings. All riches are multiplied by the simple process of sharing them where they may serve others.”



P10105872ndI am so happy we found each other! My name is Randi, and thank you for visiting my online love child, Beautifully Bohemian. I hope that the information provided on this site has brought something positive to you and your family! It is my pleasure to offer what you need to blossom, and I love sharing information with Moms like you.

So in this amazing journey called life, I’m a wife, mama, homeschooler, creator, and all-things-natural lady. In recent times it has become my passion to share with others my experiences when it comes to personal growth, particularly for mamas and their children. I began this adventure by posting videos on youtube back in 2010, and I can’t even express how delighted I am that it has grown from that into my website and blog. I have spent countless hours of my time reading, persuing, and writing the answers in order to deliver alternative information to those who are craving it, in hopes that it is helping someone out there in need.

My focus has been primarily on helping families, and the topics on my blog and videos cover a range of self-help, from natural pregnancy, birthing, and babies, to healthy eating (vegan style of course!), home education, kids activities, personal growth, inner healing, and more. I’m a strong believer in doing things “naturally” and letting our families blossom exactly the way they need to, instead of rushing through life and pushing ourselves (and our children), just to live up to society’s expectations.

All of my inspiration comes from my beautiful family of course, who I love with all my heart. I am married to the love of my life, Jeff, who is (and will always be) my high school sweetheart. We have three absolutely amazing children, twin girls and our most recent addition- a baby boy. If there’s one thing I’m proud if, it’s that I have continued to successfully provide a loving and nurturing environment for my children. Staying at home with my kids to educate and raise them has been a sacrifice, but it is a blessing, one that I’m thankful for every day. I am grateful that I get to experience their discoveries with them, and I embrace the challenges of being a homeschool, work-from-home mama!

When I’m not schooling my children, running a household, writing books, blogging, or uploading videos, I really enjoy soaking up the other fruits of life. I’m an avid reader, and I take pleasure in reading both fiction and non-fiction books. I relish the lovely outdoors, and when the weather is nice, I will take walks around the neighborhood with my dog, or go to the park with the kids. Our family loves the feeling of being out in nature, and it brings us all a sense of peace and clarity. I also love being near the water- I find that the experience soothing to my soul. Memories with my family last a lifetime, and I find so much value in spending this precious time with my loved ones.

I also delight in traditional painting, crafting, horseback riding, and music, watching funny movies, candle making, playing games, cooking, having picnics, and snuggling with the dog. Random things that make me smile are cuddly kittens, the fall colors of trees, cute remarks from kids, trampolines, bubbles, lions, tigers, and bears “Oh my!” Finger painting, jewelry making, pajama days, poetry,  stand-up comedy, striped knee high stockings, kites, 90′s pop culture trivia, flip flops, tea parties, drum circles, mountains, chocolate bars, kisses, county fairs, go-carts, parades, hippy skirts, ponytails, sunflowers, swing sets, laughter, hugs, road trips, and anything else that makes my heart feel LOVE.

Here are some common questions people ask me (online and in the real world), and provided answers:

redshoesWhy did you decide to homeschool?

The decision to homeschool was not one that I thought I would ever make. I went to public school and was scarred for many years because of it. Yes, homeschooling is a lot of work. Yes, my kids are with me…24/7. Yes, sometimes I wish I could be one of “those” mamas that send their kids to school and drink Starbucks all day (it can be very appealing at times), but then I realize what wonderful, innocent, intelligent, patient, creative, and compassionate children mine are; I remember that this is the result of keeping them home and allowing them to thrive at their own pace. Peers or public school circumstances haven’t broken them. You can read about my decision to homeschool by clicking here.

You birthed in a horse trough, seriously?

Yes. In fact, my son was born in my bedroom, in the water, in a horse trough. Giving birth to him all-natural, and being completely connected to the experience was one of the best moments of my life. I would do it again in a heart beat…oh yeah and just so you know, he slept in a dog bed until he was 6 mos…just sayin.

Ok, so like, vegans eat…. what, exactly?

Twigs. Leaves. You know, anything I can find to “nourish” my frail body lol. Just kidding folks. As a vegan, I eat anything and everything yummy and cruelty free. My last pregnancy was 100% vegan, resulting in a 9 pound, 8 oz baby! Really, I love cooking, I love eating, and I love food. I also love animals, but not on my plate. Period. You can try out many of my recipes by checking out my ebook, “Happily Vegan,” and visiting my blog for freebies.

How do you homeschool/work/cook/clean/everything and keep your sanity?

Honestly, I don’t know sometimes lol. I think that every mama that works from home and homeschools knows that it’s a constant balancing act. Some days the ratio is off, there may be more schooling, crafting, or reading, others may have more work, outings, or cleaning, but rarely is there a day where I do nothing at all. Sometimes at night I completely crash out of exhaustion, and then begin the cycle all over again the next day. It can be a challenge sometimes, but I love it. It’s my life, in which there is never a dull moment, only space between exciting adventures.

Are you like anti-everything or something?

No, not eevvverrything. Seriously, I just believe that the overall message in our society is extremely damaging, to our bodies, our souls, the planet, and to the children of the future. While I do occasionally go out and buy myself a pretty top or some nice pants, the mentality of over consuming, eating fat greasy burgers, and caking your body with toxic chemicals is a complete turnoff. Just gimme a picnic, a beautiful day, and a walk in the woods. That, to me is a much more valuable experience than going to the mall and buying junk to boost your ego (which only lasts until you get out to the car). Each one of us has a purpose, and life is more than just products. Get unplugged, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Can I share your page/use your photo/quote you?

I’d love for you to share my page! Spread the word about Beautifully Bohemian to your friends, your family, and your dog. Tweet it, Facebook it, Pin it, and SHARE it! As for photos, PLEASE ask permission. I know this is the internet, but the thought of my children’s pictures ending up on other peoples websites creeps me out. Which is why I copyright everything. Chances are, if you want to use a photo, I’ll say yes, just please ask!!!

Can you link my blog?

Yes! I’m always up for cross promotion, and I’m always up for spreading the word about others websites. Please check out my sponsor page for more!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Yes. Be yourself. That is the best advice I can give you. If you constantly worry about what others think, you will burn yourself out. Write everyday, even if it’s just tweeting, to practice your skills. Oh, and only blog when you feel really good about it. I know some people say you should blog daily, but for me, I would never see my family if I did that. So, I only blog when I’m in a really good place, or, when I’m in a really bad one and need to release something. Both result in loving and/or REAL posts. To me, this is blogging gold. People that need to connect with you will, and those that don’t aren’t meant to.

So thank you for being a part of my experience, and letting me be a part of yours! I have so much to offer you and your loved ones, so please check back frequently for blog posts, videos, ebooks, and more! If you have any comments, questions, concerns, requests, or anything else you feel I could help you with, please contact me via email! I enjoy connecting with other Moms, and I would Love connecting with you! Thanks again and sending you and your family lots of Love and Sunshine today!

Blessings and Love,




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